Privacy Policies in the Age of CISPA

The United States Senate will soon vote on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA, an act allowing websites to anonymously share user information they collect with the Government. Find out what information websites already have on you that could wind up in government hands.

Privacy Policies in the Age of CISPA

Harry Swartout Goes Clubbing

Everybody knows and loves varsity sports at a Big Ten School like Northwestern, but what about club sports? Don’t worry, I’m here to go behind the scenes and tell you what makes Northwestern Club Sports great. For my first episode, I visited the Table Tennis club.

Episode 2

On this week’s episode of Harry Swartout Goes Clubbing, I hit the ice to learn about the student coached Women’s Ice Hockey team.

Episode 3

This week, I’m back on the ice…the dimply curling ice. Watch me finally find out what Curling is all about.

Episode 4

Ready for some Disk? I learned about the classic collegiate game Ultimate Frisbee, but found out its about more than hanging out on the quads.

Episode 5

Squash, it’s like racketball right? WRONG! I learned that Squash is its own ridiculously demanding sport.

Northwestern South Asian Student Alliance Show 2012

Northwestern’s South Asian Student Alliance celebrates the Indian culture past and present. I filmed their “Graduation” show this year and learned what the group means both culturally and personally to the students.

Martial Arts v. MMA

Since Saturday’s final decision, critics have been complaining that Chicago’s five-round, 25-minute Ultimate Fighting Championship headliner between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis was too long.
Perhaps, but a longer fight has been brewing in Ravenswood, as traditional martial arts and mixed martial arts are locked in a struggle to win over area residents.
Ravenswood’s demographics have long made the neighborhood a traditional martial arts hotbed, with nearly 20 martial arts studios within two miles teaching everything from Chinese Kung Fu to Japanese Aikido.
Consider that the North Side neighborhood has a much greater Asian population – 8.14 percent – than the rest of the city – where the figure is 5.5 percent according to Urban Mapping Inc. With more residents that trained in the cradle of martial arts, Ravenswood can seemingly choose from a larger group of instructors than other parts of the city.
Also, there’s Ravenswood residents’ ability to pay these instructors – and pay them well with ample disposable income. Urban Mapping Inc lists the area’s median household income, for example, just $3,000 above Chicago’s – $49,245 and $46,781 respectively. But sections of the neighborhood chart at $71,000.
Just in the past three years, two local competitive mixed martial arts studios – Conviction Fitness and Urban Strength Institute – have opened shop.
Originally, MMA simply meant a blending of two or more traditional martial arts styles. More recently, the term has taken new meaning with the quick rise of UFC and MMA is increasingly associated with Las Vegas, betting, and caged fighting competitions made famous on UFC televised matches.
The success of last Saturday’s fight shows just how far competitive MMA has come as a sport.
Take the fact that the fight was slated for United Center along Madison Street, which can hold 23,500 spectators – quite a leap from the 18,500 at Rosemont’s AllState Arena which nearly sold out for a 2008 bout. More to the point, Saturday’s fight sold out even though it was available free on FOX Sports, which inked a deal with UFC last summer worth nearly $90 million per year. UFC commissioner Dana White considers the Chicago sellout a major victory for the sport.
“I’ll tell you how important Chicago is,” White began at a recent UFC news conference. “You guys grew up with the Cubs, Bears and Bulls and trying to build a new market with the sport has been tough but we’re getting there. We actually came in here about eight or nine months ago and did a focus group to figure out how to get in here.”
In Ravenswood, meanwhile, not all are so jazzed about the popularity of UFC’s style of MMA. The traditional martial arts studios, especially those offering MMA training, that have thrived in the neighborhood for years now have to deal with students wanting to imitate their UFC idols on TV.
But there’s a catch: The competitive MMA used in UFC is better described as a sport while traditional martial arts are considered, well, arts. Competitive MMA and traditional martial arts teach different things, emphasize different values, and have two completely different goals.
And because the two are so different, they do not need to compete for students. Competitive MMA and traditional martial arts both have a place in Ravenswood.

A Chicago Dog for Chicago’s Big Ten Team

Mustard’s Last Stand has been serving Northwestern Students before football games since the 60s. See why the little hot dog stand is still a go-to-grub-hub on gameday. Thanks to Lonnie and Steve Starkman for their interviews.

Longboarding: Extend the Ride

College campuses are overrun with longboards. These skateboards aren’t the same models that Tony Hawk nailed the 900 on. Longboards hold both skateboarding’s sidewalk surfin’ past and its limitless future.