SportsNight 11/7/13

At 6:39 I begin my breakdown of Northwestern Football’s 27-14 loss to Nebraska on  November 2, 2013

Digital Necromancy: Advertising with Reanimated Celebrities

A video I made for TIME  explaining how celebrities are coming back from the dead….to sell you something.

2012 Hispanic Festaval

A video I made for made for Wilde Media TV in 2012 teasing their coverage of the 2012 Hispanic Festival in Philadelphia.

Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes

Here’s a piece I did for TIME this summer about the lost Victorian Martial Art of Bartitsu,  the fictional detective that saved it, and the people who keep its practice alive.

Breaking the Streak

N-U Phoria! Northwestern finally, finally, wins another bowl game. For Northwestern, the 2013 Taxslayer Gator Bowl win is more than just a victory.

The Drought

Northwestern hadn’t won a bowl game since the ’49 Rose Bowl. By the 2013 Taxslayer Gator Bowl, a win was LONG overdue.

Northwestern 1962 and Now

Northwestern junior, Harry Swartout shares how Northwestern football is playing at a level not seen in Evanston since 1962

Northwestern Recruitng: Diamonds in the Rough

Northwestern’s versatile offensive duo of Venric Mark and Kain Colter have been lighting up the scoreboard on the way to a 5-0 record for the Wildcats, but neither player was heavily recruited out of high school. Northwestern junior, Harry Swartout finds out how Northwestern’s recruiting staff was able to find these diamonds in the rough and what they did to convince them to commit.

Echoes of Otto

Otto Graham was the best athlete to ever step onto Northwestern’s campus. Almost 70 years later, triple threat QB Kain Colter evokes memories of Otto’s athletic prowess for a modern NU squad.

Racism in Video Games

Everybody loves stomping  goombas in Mario, but what if those goombas were black, or hispanic? Video Games can be an escape from the real world, but sometimes, prejudices can seep into our virtual fantasies.